Details & FAQ’s


Photography with me is all about creating a session that’s uniquely catered to you. You can expect me to listen to all your ideas, likes and dislikes. Helping you choose locations, items and clothing as needed. I always seek to make it relaxed, easy and fun for my clients. Capturing images that reflects on who you are.


Many people now a days feel that the only difference between a Professional photographer and the average Joe taking a photo is the camera that they use.

To show that this is NOT TRUE. I recently did a quick exercise at a presentation where I asked a volunteer to take a photo of my subject and then I would do the same. We both used the same camera, a Canon 5D MarkII. As the images show below, there are numerous differences.

1. Just because you have a professional camera, doesn’t necessarily mean you will know how to utilize it. The volunteer unfortunately had the subject out of focus.

2. The volunteer only took one shot and I took 4 shots. This is because as a professional photographer, I am not afraid to take as many shots as it takes to capture the subject. Working with the subject to make them feel relaxed so that their essence may shine through.

There are other subtle differences like re-positining the subject so that the background isn’t so distracting, re-positing myself, so that she is better positioned, making sure that her name tag was taken off as it was distracting. And of coarse, getting her to flash a beautiful smile.


I adapt my style to suit your needs. Some prefer formal portraiture whilst others prefer a fun, photo journalistic style. Not matter what the styles you are looking for, I seek to make you  relaxed and confident about shots that we’ve made in the session.


Yes, I have portraiture studio on the East end of Toronto. Though the studio has been a great place to shoot various types of portraiture. I have found that the majority of my clients have special locations whether it’s their home or outside that they would like to do their photo sessions.


Yes, I can travel to various locations in the GTA.


Sometimes I will use strobe lights if the environment or shot calls for it. I am very comfortable with both using natural light and strobes.


My packages starts from $199 and up. Please go the the Pricing page to see details. Most of my clients like to order additional images, prints and albums. This could be from $300 and up.


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